Distribution in the United States only, operated by CINEMA DOME, Cell: (954) 830-1840, Office: (305) 707-7475, Email: mia@cinemadomeusa.com
Production and World Wide distribution by MAD DIVISION SOFTWARE, Cell: +7 985 330-2896 , Email: fulldomelolipop@gmail.com
1 year license :

Mirror projection - 150 USD
Fulldome 2K - 300 USD
Fulldome 4K - 1000 USD

Entire package of four films a duration
22 minutes!
The world is changing. No doubt that the main directions of the modern world development are technologies of immersion in virtual reality,enrichment of social realm due to augmented reality, materialization of man's imagination in any form,increasing the capabilities of his perception, improvement of the effectiveness of information influence on him. All that interests us.

The main directions of "Mad Division Software" activity: - Design and implementation of projects related to highly effective data submission. - Design and development of hardware and software systems for demonstration and usage of virtual and augmented reality. - Design and development of entertaining and game-playing content for fulldome theaters, virtual and augmented reality hardware.